At Riedford Management we don’t need an excuse to turn around your business.

automotive_electronicsWe’ve spent nearly three decades solving problems for businesses large and small. Our expertises in transportation sectors – like automotive, commercial trucking and maritime communications – can jump start your business in new directions. We want to partner with you to improve sales, operations, marketing, development, engineering or supply management. We have made global companies our number one priority. Companies in Europe, Asia and North America have depended upon Riedford Management to transform their businesses into thriving global enterprises. How can we help you?

Business Development means GROWTH!

Do you dread another year of flat sales? Do you have a great new product but don’t know how to maximize sales? Do you want to find new markets and new customers for your existing products?

You need Business Development. The professionals at Riedford Management have been growing sales for companies large and small for more than 25 years. Let us help you define your value proposition for the marketplace, analyze your customer and product portfolio and then create a comprehensive Business Development Plan that achieves the kind of sales growth you deserve.

You have worked hard to get where you are in this tough business economy. Let the professionals at Riedford Management help you get to the next level of business growth you have been dreaming about.

Implementing LEAN methods to improve productivity and efficiency

The concept of LEAN production was initially developed by Peter Drucker in the 1940’s. More recently, James Womack has provided insight, training and detailed plans for implementing Lean Concepts in every aspect of your business.

LEAN concepts allow you to examine your existing business and production processes, identify areas of waste, or Mutta, create a vision for an improved future state and then implement the future state. It is not uncommon to find up to 75% time savings, 50% floor space savings, and unlimited monetary savings by implementing LEAN concepts in businesses just like yours!

Let the professionals at Riedford Management help you find improvements to your business that allow you to improve the profitability of your current business while freeing resources to support growth.

Moving from a Multi-national to a truly Global business model

Many medium and large businesses have multi-national operations – a home office in the United States, a sales office in Hong Kong, and/or production facilities in China. Few companies leverage all of the potential value from these multi-national facilities.

Are all of the global facilities participating in decisions? Is all of the management talent present in these far flung operations being fully utilized throughout the enterprise? Are transportation and material purchasing benefits possible in one region being realized for other geographic locations?

If you see your organization in any of these questions then you need Riedford Management to help you move from a Multi-national to a truly global business operation.

General Management coaching for small enterprise

Most sole proprietor businesses are successful because of the deep talents and hard work of their owner / founders. Business has grown through the years because one or more key people in the company have made a lot of the right decisions and worked tirelessly to make the business work well.

Small entities can tap into 25 years of General Management experience at Riedford Management through our small business coaching services. Learn about finding the best metrics to manage your business, optimizing your organization, succession planning, determining your strategic value proposition, assessing the monetary value of your business and building a successful business plan.

You have spent years building your business on the back of your own hard work. Let Riedford Management help you learn the General Management techniques that will allow you to work.

No Technical challenge too difficult for Riedford Management Team

Engineering customer vehicle solutions can be overwhelming – especially for small companies that have never dealt with huge transportation OEMs like GM, Volvo, Toyota, Ford, Hyundai or others. Our 25 years of vehicle systems expertise can put you on t he right course toward successfully navigating the mine field that can be associated with doing business with huge, multi-national transportation OEMs.

Bring Riedford Management on board early and often to help establish the right technical approach, create the correct program management team and build a project schedule that will meet your customer’s requirements and meet the applicable ISO/TS Quality Systems standards.

You have a great future ahead with unique technical solutions. Don’t squander their value by not managing these technical innovations correctly. Riedford Management can become your partner to exploit these market opportunities for your company.

Turn around management is an everyday occurrence for Riedford Management

Do you have a troubled business segment, product category or division in your company? Confused about why it has not performed as you expected? Only a few months ago, this business looked so promising but now it seems distressed.

You are not alone. Thousands of businesses hit rough points in their development every year. Many have great concepts, products or services but are not being properly managed into the marketplace. Perhaps you lack a comprehensive sales/marketing plan. Perhaps you have the wrong people engaged in the management. Perhaps the customers you have targeted don’t know they need your product/service. Sometimes, early disappointments cause your organization to lose confidence in the value of the product/service.

Riedford Management can be your partner to quickly assess the business reality you face, determine the root cause for the difficulties you face and establish plans to fix, sell or shut down the business in question to maximize the benefit for your business.